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    The Eldoret hospital laboratory is committed to making quality healthcare more widely accessible. It offers 24hrs, seven days a week service for a host of routine and specialized tests with short turn-around time.
    The laboratory is manned by highly trained analyzers and equipped with modern technology to ensure quality and timely reports as patients wait. The services that are available include:-

    • Haematology and blood transfusion:- The section is responsible for blood counts and provision of safe blood transfusion for patients. It is equipped with two main analyzers which also relay reports directly to the information system ”SYSMEX KX 2IN, POCH 100 I” coagulation equipments. Other than routine competencies in haematology and blood transfusions, our laboratory has strength in coagulation analyzer (hamaclot junior).
    • Biochemistry:- The section is fully automated with state of art vitrios biochemistry analyzer with capabilities of testing 300 samples per hour and relays results to the laboratory and hospital information system interface from between 15 minutes to 1 hour duration. However, the skilled technologists must first authenticate the result for the rest of the authorized HIS users to view the results. The backup system includes the visual biochemistry analyzers.
    •  A lab technician performing test.
      Microbiology:- This analyses various body fluids for bacterial or parasitic infections. Other tests include:
      • Cultures susceptibility tests for various micro-organisms from wide variety of clinical samples including stool, urine, pus, pleural fluid, ascetic fluids.
      • Detection of Micro Bacterium Tuberculosis (TB).
      • Detection of Cryptococcus in C.S.F.
    • Serology, Immunology and Endocrinology
      Equipped with modern automated analyzers among them:
      • Vidas (biometrieux) - A random and continuous access immune – assay analyzer capable of processing tests using proven technologies with total protocol flexibility that allows assays to be optimized for both performance and throughput.
        The machines perform:
        -Thyroid function test
        -Tumor marker e.g. TPSA, CEA
        -Retrovirus (HIV).
        -Reproductive hormones e.g. BHCG, FSH and LH.