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About Eldoret City

    Eldoret is located in western Kenya and is also the administrative center of Uasin Gishu District of Rift Valley Province. Located south of the Cherangani Hills, Eldoret is the 5th largest town in Kenya today.

    The name Eldoret is derived from the Maasai word 'eldore', which literally means stony river. The river bed of the Sosiani River is very stony, whence the town derives its name. The town came into being in the year 1910 with the construction of a post office on a site, which was known to the white settlers as Farm 64, 64 or Sisibo.

    The locals at that time referred to the town as Farm 64, 64 or Sisibo because, the town of Eldoret was 64 miles away from the newly established Uganda Railway railhead, located at Kibigori.

    The farm was owned by Willy van Aardt. The Central Lounge in Eldoret is all that survives of Willy's farm. When the governor planned to build an administrative center, the Post Office was renamed from 64 to Eldoret,  now the official name of the town in the year 1912. Transforming into an administrative centre led to advancement of trading activities within the city. A number of shops and banks were constructed.

    The extension of the Uganda Railway, from Kibigori toward Uganda, reached Eldoret in the year 1924, unleashing a period of prosperity and development. The year 1928 saw the introduction of the piped water supply from the Sosiani River. By the year 1933, Eldoret had a small airport of its own, which followed the construction of low-rental housing.

    Eldoret is a hub for business, serving the north rift region. It boasts of having most of the banks and financial institutions present as well as most of the telecommunications players.  It also boasts of having the Eldoret International Airport – a symbol of strength for the region.

    Eldoret also has a university – Moi University that offers training in various professions as well as a medical school and teaching hospital.  It is also home to most of the famous athletes to emerge from Kenya. This is attributed to the many high altitude training camps in its surrounding.