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Eldoret MRI & Diagnostic Centre

    This centre was started by a group of doctors and other professionals in various medical fields. It is now fully functional.

    The M.R.I equipment was manufactured by General Electric Company, which is a leading concern in the production of high quality medical machinery and installed by experts from Switzerland, Algeria and South Africa. The images produced are amongst the best and they meet the expectations of Radiologists. Patients no longer have to travel to Nairobi for M.R.I.

    The MRI machine is a 0.2 Testla Open Magnet Machine, which is a third generation of M.R.I’s. The images produced by the M.R.I are of high resolution and contrast providing both anatomical and pathological details.

    It is capable of producing images of brains angiography, venography etc. The main advantage of the MRI is that it does not produce ionizing radiation and is therefore very safe for expectant women.