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Quality Objectives

    Eldoret Hospital Ltd is an institution that has grown as a health care provider over the years. As an organization we have set standards that enable us to achieve levels of quality in all our departments as an organization and enable us to set a standard which will assist us to achieve our main goals and objectives.

    • At Eldoret Hospital, we recruit our staff in a professional manner, without any differentiation and prejudice of any nature. Most importantly we go through a non-bias panel of interviewers who judge from the merits and qualification of the candidates for the role being interviewed for.
    • All our staff, in whatever department have to carry out an ongoing job development process, which enables them to keep in touch with the latest developments, procedures and systems in the market place.
    • We have a system in place which is strictly monitored when it comes to clients and customer satisfaction. All queries and issues raised by patients, clients, service providers and even staff are dealt with confidentiality and a reply of the issue communicated to the necessary authority within 48 hours of the complaint being lodged to our customer service department.
    • All members of Eldoret Hospital Ltd are trained and instructed to be polite and well-mannered at all times and to deal with clients and patients in the most professional manner. If in any case they fail to do so and a complaint is raised, a disciplinarily action is taken against the reported staff.
    • In order for our organization to be professional, we have provided all staff with the necessary uniform which has to be worn at all time appropriately while on duty, if they fail to do so, a disciplinary action with be taken against them.
    • In order to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygienic environment, we have provided our staff with locker rooms that they can use to observe this at all times while on duty.
    • We take pride in saying that we maintain the cleanliness of the hospital buildings, surroundings, equipments and facilities to the highest quality, and we achieve this by regular supervision and using high quality equipment and disinfectants, trained and professional personnel in this field.
    • We also take pride in saying that we take very seriously the way we maintain our quality process and standards and the way we control and measure the quality of our services, in respect to providing the best health care services to our esteemed clients and patients and also providing a healthy, friendly and safe environment to our staff and professionals working alongside each other at the hospital.